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Eurosign DS Faq’s

FAQs - DS Composer Operation

Some PowerPoint presentations do not import fully into Slideshow in the Multimedia Module

Eurosign DS Slideshow can import and display most PowerPoint files (PPT / PPTx)without animation / transitions. If your PPT presentation contains animations or transitions it is better to export to WMV video after previewing the show. The WMV can then be imported as a movie into the Multimedia Module. If your PPT contains only static slides without transition and you still have issues with PPT import, save the PPT to a PDF file instead. Then import the PDF directly into slideshow.

My video will not play in composer preview or on the player

Eurosign DS relies on information contained in the video file properties which can occasionally be corrupted (usually by a third party video conversion process). If information such as the video length is missing then DS cannot play the video. Examine the video properties and ensure it does not have a zero length.

One way to solve this problem is to try the video conversion process again (if you took the video from a DVD for example).

Another way is to use a video repair tool. You can find one here :

How can I display a Twitter feed using the Ticker?

Eurosign DS Ticker can be used to display a Twitter feed. You can find your Twitter rss feed by using this url:


Can I play an external media file?

Yes. Somtimes you may need to play a file that is being maintained / updated by a third party. In this case its better to have this update in the project automatically. The HTML Source or HTML Multimedia modules can be used to play HTML or image files from local, network share or web (virtual) directories. Download our application note here.