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Eurosign DS Faq’s

FAQs - Player Installation

Where can I find player installation documentation?

Player installation instructions are in Appendix 1 of the user manual which can be downloaded from the Support Page

Can I join the player to the corporate domain?

Yes but we do not recommend it. It sis best to treat the player as an appliance rather than a client PC. We do not support active management of the OS which is built for the DS player. You can configure the player’s existing user to join the domain. Do not create a new user. As this is an unattended platform, it will need to automatically logon. This can be done by the Player Monitor (see manual) or by a manual change to the registry. See our IT Administrator Guidelines.

Can I configure a manual IP address on the player?

Yes. By default the player is set for DHCP (automatic) IP address. Manual IP settings can be configured in the normal Windows settings. Be sure to set the Internet Gateway and DNS settings if the player is to access the Internet (RSS, Weather, HTML pages etc).

What is the default username and password on the player?

The default username is “admin” and the password is also set to “admin”. If you are unsure if the password has been changed click “Load Defaults” in the player communications setup tab. Remember that the username and password must be set to the defaults for Auto Discover to work on DS Network Composer. Also if you do change the player settings remember to make the same change in the player settings on Network  Composer.

What ports does the player use when communicating with DS Network Composer?

The player uses ports 5700 and 5701 . These can be changed. This will only be an issue if the player and composer are on different subnets. In this case the routers that connect the subnets need to be appropriately configured. See the IT Administrator guidelines above.

My Player is looking for a registration code - what do I do?

Your player will run for 45 days after installation after which it will require registration using a unique Software Serial Number which is provided on purchase completion by your reseller. The player can then be registered automatically, if Internet connected, or manually by uploading the player license request file to our licence server (follow the instructions in the player registration screen.

A player manually added in Network Composer has gone off line

Players can be manually added in Network Composer. This is often required when players are on different network segments as the player search only works when the composer PC and player are on the same network segment. If the players are on more than one segment we recommend that they are allocated fixed IP addresses and you should untick Autocheck for IP changes in the manual config dialog.

How do I configure the player audio output

Players use the a windows sound driver and windows 7 sound mixer. These must be configured correctly to get sound on the appropriate channel. By default players ship with analog audio configured. If you need digital sound on players with HDMI output, first connect a suitable HDMI screen. In the digital audio driver (eg Realtek ausio driver) choose digital sound as default. Select the Sound mixer in Control Panel and set the Playback device to the desired HDMI device (click Apply). Provided your multimedia contant has audio and the volume properties in Composer have not been altered, multimedia items with sound should now be audible on the HDMI device. Note you may also have to adjust the volume control on the device itself !.

Sound check : 1 Is there audio in the content (can you hear it in composer PC). 2. Is sound correctly configured on the player? 3. Is the playout dedvice correctly configured?