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Eurosign DS Faq’s

FAQs - DS Player Operation

My TV / Video Module / Slide transition is not smooth on the screen

Your choice of Eurosign DS player is optimised for price / performance. This requires some compromises when displaying multiple module elements at the same time, particularly on the entry level P1 player. The P3 high performance player requires much less compromise (if any).

Try reducing the number of modules on the screen layout - sometimes less is more.

Slideshow transitions need more CPU resource and this is also related to the file size of the picture. Try resizing pictures.

  Anything over 1280x720 or 1MB is probably wasteful of resources. You can also try displaying pictures in a Multimedia Zone (no transition).   

If you are running a ticker(s) change from horizontal to vertical motion. Vertical animation is more readable and consumes less resource.

My player will not show certain web pages like Sky News Live

By default, web pages with scripting are disabled to protect the player from memory leaks (a common problem with complex web pages). Also in some cases such as Sky News, a third party plug-in is required like Microsoft Silverlight. The Eurosign DS player can be configured to display this kind of web page by removing the block to scripting. You may also need to reset the security settings in Internet Explorer. Please note that Eurosign cannot guarantee support for this kind of third party HTML content.See Section 4 of the manual.

My Player displays a green loading logo before a web page is displayed

The player needs time to fetch the web data before displaying a web page. If this page is displayed as part of a multimedia sequence, turn pre-load on in the multimedia module. Consider adding a picture immediately before the HTML page to give the Web Page time to preload. If you are using a webpage module, set the refresh to the maximum practical time to reduce web page load frequency.

Can I connect to my player by remote desktop?

Yes - Sometimes it is useful to connect to the player remotely for administration. The player has a remote desktop application called TightVNC Server installed. To communicate with the player you will need to install TightVNC Viewer . Install the Windows self extracting package and tick to install the Viewer only.

How do I retrieve the Eurosign Health Monitor Logfiles?

Download this procedure